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 The Credit Union offers Educational and Training Programmes to help develop its members.

Training Programmes are also offered by the Barbados Co-operative and Credit Union League Limited for all Credit Union members.

Opportunities are also provided for the inter-action of our members with other Credit Union members at various Local, Regional and International Conferences.

Attendance at these Training Programmes can prepare the members for Leadership Roles in the Credit Union and other Organizations.

Members are taught how to conduct meetings and how to deal with various situations and topics that could impact on their lives.

Presentation on Insurance held at the BTCCUL for the Educational Meeting held on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

pdf Presentation to BTCCUL By Mr. Anton Lovell

pdf MBP Presentation to BTCCUL By Mr. Anthony Pilgrim

pdf Interest Rates Presentation to BTCCUL By Mr. Hudson Lucas

pdf Elements of the Financial Statements Presentation by Mr. Hudson Lucas




Did You Know?

1.) All loan applicants must be bonafide members of the Credit Union.

2.) All new members must complete a minimum time requirement of membership, with the Credit Union to qualify for a loan in excess of their Savings unless approved by the Board under special circumstances.

3.) A member who has been required to clear arrears resulting from delinquency must observe a waiting period of three months after completion of such payment before a new loan may be approved for that member.

4.) A loan shall not be granted to a still member (that is, a member who is not making  contributions to shares) over and above his/her share value, unless that member makes contributions to shares for the last three(3) consecutive months. (By-Law 79)


A person is eligible to apply for a loan at a Ratio of 3:1, after being accepted as a member.

After One Month of membership, the ratio moves to 5:1

After Two Months of membership, the ratio moves to 8:1 

After Three Months of membership, the ratio moves to 10:1

Please Note that the member must make a contribution to Shares every month, even though her/she might be repaying a loan.


Recent News

BTCCUL launches it's website
The Barbados Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union launched its website with the aim of better serving its member.  A team of BTCCUL officers have been trained to maintain the site. The site was developed by Future Shock Inc.


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